Our Mission

We are intimate with our Business.

Our business is about our community, our guests, our associates and our investors. We manage each of these relationships with care and intensity.

As a small company we are able to achieve significantly better results than competitors by interacting on a very personal basis with all of our stakeholders.

Our openness to innovation and creativity is what leads us to providing unparalleled, personalized, caring service and meaningful, beneficial results to our stakeholders.

Because of our high standards of commitment, we attract and retain the most talented, driven and customer focused individuals in all areas of our operation. We pledge to provide excellent benefits and compensation to our team members. We also strive to provide a work environment that is defined by open communication, innovation and constant improvement. We believe in the excellence of individuals, and their collective capacity to lead the company today and into the future.

We operate sophisticated businesses in both full-service lodging and restaurants- that are excellent and stand out. Our brands and our culture are rooted in the care it takes to do what needs to be done properly, without shortcuts.

We maximize sustainable financial results for all parties by growing our business through innovation and re-investment in all of our assets.