Westport Hospitality’s hotels are built to become a part of the fabric of our communities. Our objective at Westport is not to build hotels, but to create signature buildings that invite community and visitors to enjoy warm, local experiences. Doing so takes more time and resources than typical hotel development. We like to say we do everything the hard way. Development partners and Jay Canning apply our collective creative energies, imagination, research and resources to create hotels that in their design, service culture and décor, celebrate the Vermont community. By spending the extra time and energy to re-think each detail, our products tend to have a higher level of customization and finer finishes than the commodity-feel of chain hotels. (We do own and operate Marriott-flagged properties and these have been enhanced to exceed what brand standards in design, décor and service delivery.) We pride ourselves in creating unique, comfortable experiences that attract guests and staff alike, as these are the essential relationships to nurture and sustain.

Strategic Partners
Smith Buckley Architects
Truex Cullins Interiors
Brand Verve
Hen of the Wood